Urdees roundtoit
The story of Urdee's roundtoit

As is the case with many individuals, Judy has been known to procrastinate now and then. Tom may well have exxagerated this trait, but she was known to say on occasion that she she would do something as soon as she got "around to it" :)

Always wanting to get in the last word, and liking a good pun, Tom decided to make a "roundtoit" and then gave it to her. Thus, Judy got a "roundtoit" and Tom never let her use that excuse again! That's not to say that she never procrastinated, she was just careful about how she worded her excuses.

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The picture to the far left shows the roundtoit as it usually appears. The center picture illustrates the honored location that it now occcupies and the picture to the right of it shows its orginal location where it remained for many years till the house was sold and "Urdee" moved to her mobile home.

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